SEPO Women’s Group members completing construction on a new SEPO-sponsored house

Place-based Development Philosophy

For a long time, top-down, one-size-fits-all, non-participatory models of development have defined rural development programs in Zambia (and beyond). Contemporary conventional approaches increasingly include some role for local participation, but maintain a focus on specific sectors or issues (often determined prior to community consultation) and on one-size-fits-all models. SEPO Zambia is different.

SEPO Zambia is committed to place-based development, which recognizes that place matters – that geographical context is critical. Our place-based approach emphasizes the importance of contextual specificity to the process of development. This allows SEPO to integrate economic, environmental, social, cultural, historical, political, and institutional dynamics within our mission and projects. In remaining grounded in place (emplaced), SEPO seeks to reveal and enhance unique capacities in particular places.

We have many ongoing projects. Currently, we are looking to work on and fund projects in the following areas:

Water Access

Educational Opportunities

Health Services

Infrastructure Investments

Entrepreneurial Support


Additionally, check out some of our major Past Projects

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