Given our place-based development philosophy, SEPO engages directly with numerous community-based organizations (CBOs) in western Zambia in pursuit of our mission. SEPO frequently partners with local schools, parent-teacher organizations, health clinics, village councils, women’s groups, and other CBOs. In fact, SEPO does not engage in major projects or programs without a local partner.

Within the Mabumbu area, SEPO Zambia – Mongu is critically important in identifying local needs, assets, and projects. We have worked with SEPO Mongu branch in informal ways since before SEPO or SEPO Zambia – Mongu branch formally existed. They continue to be our eyes and ears in the community.

In addition to our partnerships in western Zambia, SEPO works within the U.S. to develop partnerships with local businesses, schools, and individuals that are interested in assisting SEPO in pursuing our mission through donations of money, goods, time, and/or goodwill.

SEPO is committed to bringing these two groups together as it is central to our mission of making progressive change ‘as one’ – in recognition of our shared humanity.

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