SEPO Zambia – Mongu Branch 

The spirit of the people in Mabumbu embraces the southern African concept of ubuntu (which loosely translates to I am because we are).  The community is fueled by a recognition of their interdependence, reciprocity, and shared futures – however, they are limited by their lack of access to resources and an inefficient/unconcerned government.

In order to formalize work that has been embedded in the community for generations, SEPO Zambia – Mongu Branch officially formed in 2018 by registering with the Zambian government as a community-based organization (CBO) in Mabumbu area. SEPO WG has a core membership of approximately 20 individuals (15 women, 5 men), with a five-person Executive Committee.

Our Mongu Branch serves as our eyes and ears in our collective efforts to identify and address community concerns in Mabumbu. Without our partnership, SEPO Zambia could not do the work we do. It is only through SEPO Zambia – Mongu Branch that we achieve our mission, remaining focused on sustainability, education, and progress as one.


SEPO Zambia Mongu Branch volunteers pose before painting Mabumbu Health Center