entrepreneurial support

entrepreneurial support

Mooka & his buddies at a local shop

In an effort to remain focused on sustainable futures, SEPO works directly with our community partners to support various livelihood activities in the area. Sometimes this looks like small cash infusions to support individual and/or community endeavors. When it comes to supplies and labor for all our projects, SEPO hires local workers and artisans.

Local blacksmith

Most people in the community cannot afford to shop in the stores in Mongu town – as they can only afford to buy necessities in small (daily) quantities due to limited access to cash. So small, community grocery stores serve the basic needs of their neighbors and friends in small-scale, sustainable ways. SEPO is pleased to support these small groceries in our purchases, as well as with investments in infrastructure and inventory. Any support of these endeavors is welcome. 

Sibeso Moola and Danny Katete in a small, village grocery. Cost to build store ~$500, cost to purchase start-up inventory ~$400.
Portioning out cooking oil

Many livelihoods in the community are sustained through farming, often with limited inputs and lack of access to processing (grinding mills, etc). SEPO is committed to strengthening farmer’s networks and futures through strategic partnerships with SEPO Women’s Group and other cooperatives. We are currently looking to fund one or two water pumps to assist local farmers with irrigation needs (~$650). Our long-term goal is to fund a grinding mill (~$1,200), to be run by SEPO Women’s Group with proceeds funneled back into community projects.

SEPO Women’s Group garden projects.
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